Friday, November 9, 2018

Git - Overwrite Master to different branch
git checkout feature_branch
git merge -s ours --no-commit master
git commit      # Add a message regarding the replacement that you just did
git checkout master
git merge feature_branch
Master was behind by several versions
and bring it up-to date

Monday, June 4, 2018

Fav Quotes

Food For Thought

One Machine can do the work of 50 Ordinary Men
No Machine can do the work of one Extraordinary Man!

Success is a lousy teacher
It seduces smart people into thinking they can't loose ! - Bill Gates

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

GIT Bash - revert last commit from remote repository

List all Commits :
git log -> command to display all prior commits

Press "q" to exit from that history screen

Revert to Prior Commit in Gitbash

You can delete a local commit by doing:
git reset –hard HEAD~
Lets say there is a repository with 4 commits.
$git log --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit
46cd867 Changed with mistake
d9f1cf5 Changed again
105fd3d Changed content
df33c8a First commit
Commit 46cd867 is the most recent commit and the one we want to delete, for doing that, we will use rebase.
$git rebase -i HEAD~2
That command will open your default text editor with your two (Change the number 2 with the number of commits you want to get) 

$git push origin +

Friday, May 18, 2018

Agile Certification Prep

Continuous Product Improvements:

Intraspection : done while sprint is in progress. When team needs a direction / scope change - meeting of minds

Premortem : What is our risks what can go wrong

Retrospection : What did we accomplish, what can we do better

Continuous Process Improvements :

1) Throughput : Mean of story points delivered across n number of sprints
2) WIP : Limit Work in Progress
3) Takt Time : The pace at which team needs to perform to meet user expectation
4) Theory of Constraints : Identity your major constraints and try to reduce your constratins
5) Cumulative Flow diagram : Visual representation of Reality into current iteration. This chart can indicate issues that may have occurred in the iteration.
4) Value Stream Mapping : Long term strategic view - used to identity value add vs non value add and identify bottle necks, wait times, inefficiencies etc
5) Process Mapping : Same as Value Stream Mapping but this is short term

Process Efficiency Pct : Value Time / (Value Time + Cycle Time) *100

Cycle Time : Dev Point of view - time when a story point is picked up for development and actually delivered

Lead Time :  Time between when a requirement is identified, story created, picked up for development and delivered

Servant Leadership : Communicate, collaborate and congratulate

Agile Knowledge Areas

Table shows mapping agile to PMBOK guide having knowledge area (stakeholder management, scope management, cost management, et cetera) and agile considerations.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Recover lost eclipse file

If you know the location of your workspace, and the approximate time, when the file was lost, you can get it from


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How to deal with highly defensive people

Many times in life, we come across people in our lives who seem to be super quick to take offense when you thought you were offering help, advice or constructive feedback. Worse, some of you might have someone like this in your life who asks you for feedback. Your heart sinks as you know that no matter what you say or how you say it, they’ll likely be devastated. People like this can be found in every family, workplace or group of friends. Dealing with them requires a special set of skills.

The Dark Side of Sensitivity

People like this often describe themselves as being sensitive and they are. But often their reactions to your comments are a defense mechanism. The two may feel the same to the person experiencing them but in reality, they are worlds apart. Sensitivity is born of careful attention, it involves looking closely, understanding deeply and therefore not causing harm. Defensiveness is the bastard child of shame. For people who have survived harshly judgmental environments, shame dominates the psychological landscape.

Knowing that highly sensitive people’s destructive behaviour comes from shame doesn’t excuse it, but it does help you understand why. From the outside, defensive behaviour is disproportionate, bizarre, often appalling. But from the perspective of the highly sensitive person, these actions are justifiable self-protection.

How to Have a Functional, Trusting, Relaxed, Mutually Satisfying Human Relationship with a Highly Defensive Person

In short, you can’t. The long answer is you can’t, don’t bother trying. The reason you can’t look to defensive people for satisfying relationships is that it requires two human beings.

I’m not being flip, defensive people genuinely think more with their ancient, reptilian brain and process in the parts of the brain that control social interaction and which evolved much, much later less. Beneath our elaborate neural structures that mediate our subtle social interactions we all possess what neuroscientists call the reptilian brain. It’s the most ancient part of the brain which evolved in reptiles and isn’t capable of nuanced emotion or logical thought. It’s primary driving force is fear. Two fears to be exact.

The first worry of the lizard brain (yours, mine, everyone’s!) is “I don’t have enough!” – enough food, money, love, glory. Insert your own noun here but the theme “not enough” pounds away constantly. The only other major concern for the lizard brain is “someone’s out to get me!”. A highly sensitive person perceives threat coming from lots of sources; one day the enemy could be a colleague, a relative the next, that mean women in the check-out at Tesco’s two minutes later. But to the lizard brain, someone somewhere is always about to attack.

Evolutionarily this makes sense. Lizards live longer if they obsessively acquire more food, shelter and mates, and if they expect predators to jump out at them at any moment. Sadly, reptiles are blind to non-defensive emotions; to the glow of love, the joyful giggle. The only thing playing on their mental movie screens all day, every day is The Lack and Attack Show. The same is true of highly sensitive/defensive people.

When humans are gripped by primal fear, they get completely in touch with their ancient lizard brains and highly defensive people are virtually always gripped by primal fear.

So the best relationship you can hope to sustain with a highly defensive people is the sort you might have with a reptile. Listen out the lyrics to the song The Snake by Al Wilson to get a better idea. You can treat a highly defensive person as tenderly as the woman in this song but you’re still highly likely to get bitten. Handle with care, step back and maintain some distance is your relationship with a highly defensive person.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Excel - Find values in List not in other List

You have 2 lists in Column A (smaller list) and Column B (larger list). You want to find values in Col B, that are not in Column A

Here is the formula for doing this :

In Col c, you write = match(B2,A$2,A$350,0)

Doing so, you will see a #N/A next to all values from B that are not found in List A.

Found one more fun thing in excel :)